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Weekly Newsletter 10/27 ~ 10/31
Posted on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dates to Remember
10/29: Market Day pick-up @ 4:15pm
10/30: October book orders due
10/31: Halloween Party @ 2-3pm
11/5: Late Start
11/19: Late Start 
11/21: Report Cards go home
11/25: Market Day Pie pick-up
11/26: 2:35 Early Dismissal
11/27-11/28: Thanksgiving Break

Important Information
-Thank you for a great day of conferences on Friday! I loved getting to talk with all of you about your wonderful children!
-Halloween Party: We are having our first classroom party this Friday from 2-3pm. Students may not wear/bring costumes to school but they are encouraged to dress festively! Speaking of dressing on Friday, our class finally earned our goal of 4,000 Dojo points! We set this goal during the first week of school and have been working together to earn this class celebration. Students voted to watch a movie and wear their pajamas to school. We will have this celebration on Friday!
-Math: We will have our Unit 2 test on Thursday! The students have been working hard to practice and master the multiplication skills from this unit. Now that we have begun using IXL, I hope you have found a routine for integrating it into your child’s homework routine. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about using IXL. I will always assign skills on Monday and they should be completed by Friday. Students are asked to reach a Smart Score of at least 90% unless noted otherwise in their assignment notebook.
-Reading: We just wrapped up our October Reading Rocks! Reading Rocks is a way for students to share what they are reading. This month, students presented a Book Talk to the class about a favorite book. In November we will be using a blog to write book recommendations! After we try different ways of sharing about what we read, students will be able to select from the various choices.
-Science: We wrapped up our weather study and have moved on to study about hurricanes and tornadoes! We are in need of empty 2 liter soda bottles with flat sides (not curved like Coke) for a tornado project. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Ask Me!
I am starting a new feature in our weekly newsletter called “Ask Me!” Each week I will list five questions that you can ask your child instead of “How was your day at school?” or “What did you learn today?”
1.) What are three types of waterforms that you learned about? What do they look like?
2.) How are similes and metaphors different?
3.) Why do authors use figurative language in their writing?
4.) What are the four parts of a hurricane?
5.) What did you do to help the class earn 4,000 Dojo points?

Weekly Learning Targets
We are working on a number poster/project, reviewing for our test, and taking our Unit 3 pre-test!
I identify figurative language in a text and interpret its meaning.
Writing and Language:
We are writing the rough drafts of our memoirs this week!
I can identify and describe the four main parts of a hurricane.
I can identify and describe the stages of hurricane formation.
Social Studies:
I can identify and describe landforms and waterforms.

Tweet All About It
Follow us on Twitter at @misspocicsclass! Here are our recent Tweets (written by students):
Today we took our landforms test!
Today we unexpectedly reached our classroom Dojo goal! 4,000 points!!!!!
Today we got a gator grin and earned a dojo point!!
Today we learned about synthesizing in reading.
Today we studied our landforms. Do you know all the landforms?

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Weekly Newsletter 10-2
Posted on Thursday, October 02, 2014

Dates to Remember
10/3 Progress Reports and ISAT results go home
10/4 Grove Movie Night @ 7pm
10/6-10/10 Homecoming Week
•Monday: Kick-Off Day!  Wear your coolest socks!
•Tuesday: Twin Tuesday!  Dress like another Gator today
•Wednesday: Go Gators!  Wear your gator clothing or Grove Gator colors!
•Thursday:  Football Fan Day:  Wear clothing or colors representing a football team, eye black, etc.
•Friday:  Orange and Black Day!  Wear Ironmen clothing, tattoos, etc.
10/8: Late Start
10/9: PTO Meeting @ 6:30pm
10/10: NCHS Homecoming Celebrations
10/13: Columbus Day – No School
10/18: Gator Run @ 9:00am
10/20: McTeacher Night @ 5:00-7:00pm
10/22: Late Start
10/24: Parent/Teacher conferences
10/25 Love and Logic Seminar for Parents @ 9:30am-12:30pm
10/29: Market Day @ 4:15pm

Important Information
-Math: Students will be expected to recall and use all multiplication facts through 12. I hope that your student’s first week with the Ten Marks website was successful. Students who scored below 80% will be reassigned those skills to complete by next week on Friday.

-Reading: Please ensure that your child is reading daily and that they are working toward reaching a Book BINGO.

-Social Studies: We are completing our unit of study on maps! We will take our test on Tuesday, October 7th. A study guide will be sent home on Friday to be completed over the weekend.

-Please see the attached email from our class room parents!

-Homecoming: Please see the spirit day schedule above for a list of our spirit days next week. Tattoos can be purchased Monday-Wednesday for $0.50 each. Our United Way collection will begin on Monday and continue through Friday with the following schedule: Monday- Pennies, Tuesday-Nickels, Wednesday-Dimes, Thursday-Quarters, and Friday-Bills or checks made out to The United Way.

Weekly Learning Targets
I can fluently multiply numbers from 0 – 12.
I can identify the factors of a given product.
I can identify the multiples of a given number.

I can summarize a piece of literature in order to give a book talk about a book I recommend. 
I can respond to my reading through writing by using text evidence to support my thinking.

Writing and Language:
I can write memoir pieces based on what I know about how authors write memoirs.
I can use quotations correctly in my memoir writing.

I can describe how cold fronts and warm fronts form.
I can identify and describe the three main types of clouds.

Social Studies:
I can identify the prime meridian and equator on a map.
I can identify locations on a map using lines of latitude and longitude.

Tweet All About It
Follow us on Twitter at @misspocicsclass! Here are our Tweets from last week (written by students):
Today is social studies we did our latitude and longitude packets.
Today we learned about lines of latitude and longitude.
The Earth Express came to teach us about prairies.
Today we learned about the Hemispheres.
Today we took our first math test.
Today we learned about memoirs. 

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