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weekly newsletter 1/13 ~ 1/17
Posted on Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Important Dates:

1/17: Yearbook orders due

1/17 and 1/21: MAP testing

1/17: Progress Reports go home

1/20: No School


Yearbook Orders: The deadline to order a yearbook is this Friday! A final order form will be sent home today with more information. NO additional yearbooks will be ordered by the school for students to purchase at a later time.

Math: We are currently working on how to set up and solve division problems using the traditional long division process. Solving long division problems involves following detailed steps, so please encourage your child to use their math notebook to help them follow each step. We will have a division quiz on Friday over the concept of division: division facts, how to set up a division problem, and the parts of a division problem. I will plan the day of the unit 4 test as I observe how much more instruction and practice the students need on long division.

Progress Reports: Progress reports will be sent home on Friday. Please review this report with your child and complete the reflection page together. If you have any questions about your child’s progress report, please do not hesitate to contact me. To see a more detailed report of your child’s grades on each assignment, please login to Skyward and view the gradebook.

MAP testing: We will take our winter MAP tests this Friday and Tuesday. Please ensure that your child is on time to school, has had a full night’s sleep, and a healthy breakfast. These tests are an important tool in analyzing your child’s progress from fall to winter in fourth grade.

Weekly Learning Targets:


-I can compare and contrast the point of view (first and third person) in two different stories.


-I can identify and describe the setting of my realistic fiction writing piece.

-I can write my realistic fiction piece in my chosen point of view (first or third person).

Word Work

-I can sort given words by word patterns and spell the words correctly.

-I can explain the meaning of the word patterns.

-I can sort and spell words that follow the same rules as the words in my sort.


-I can use long division to divide a dividend by a divisor.

-I can identify and describe the parts of a division problem.

-I can represent a division problem using pictures.  

Social Studies

-I can describe the climate and natural resources of the Northeast.

-I can describe the early history of the Northeast.


-I can describe the process of erosion.

-I can describe the process of weathering on rocks.

-I can identify the earth’s layers and describe the characteristics of each.

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