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Weekly Newsletter 2/24 ~ 2/28
Posted on Monday, February 24, 2014

Important Dates:

2/26: Late Start

2/26: Grove Night at Chipotle (4-8pm)

2/28: Report Cards go home

3/3 – 3/7: ISAT testing (see note below)

3/5: Market Day and SCRIP pick-up

3/15: Grove Family Fun Day

3/19: Late Start

3/19: Six Flags reading logs due


-ISAT information:

-Six Flags Reading Logs: Your child can submit their Six Flags reading logs up until March 19th. These logs will also be used for the Cornbelters reading program, where students earn tickets to a Cornbelters game. The Grove Cornbelters Night is scheduled for May 27th, but the tickets can be used for any home game. If your child only wants to enter one of the programs, please specify this at the top of the long. Otherwise, I will enter the students into both reading programs.

-Recorders: Please help ensure that your child has their recorder for music class on Monday and Tuesday of each week.

-Our room parents are putting together a basket on behalf of our class for Family Fun Day. Please submit donations by 2/28. Please contact JoBeth at jbv0531@yahoo.com or Diedra at diedraz@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions.

-Reading: We are beginning our newest reading adventure with our “Book Snapshots”. Please take the time to review the note and assignment that was sent home today with your child. Please let me know if you have any questions!

-Math: We have begun our first fraction unit! This unit involves some difficult concepts that students likely have not been exposed to yet. I will work to give the students multiple strategies and methods for learning the concepts. Students’ IXL assignments are very important for enforcing these skills at home.

This Week’s Learning Targets:


-I can identify equivalent fractions.

-I can create equivalent fractions.

-I can add fractions with like denominators.


-I can identify the main idea of a non-fiction text.

-I can use evidence from the story to support the main idea that I identify.

-I can write a response that shows my thinking, connections, and the text evidence I used.


-I can identify the main idea of my non-fiction writing piece.

-I can determine the importance of the information I have found to decide what to include in my writing piece.

-I can use transition words to connect the ideas in my story.


-I can describe what a natural resource is and classify it as renewable or nonrenewable.

-I can describe how soil is used as a natural resource.

-I can describe how other natural resources are used.

Social Studies:

-I can identify the states, capitals, and locations of the states in the Northeast region.

-I can describe the climate and resources of the Northeast region.

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Weekly Newsletter 2/3
Posted on Tuesday, February 04, 2014

2/7: 4th Grade Winter Olympics

2/13: PTO meeting

2/14: Valentine’s Day party

2/17: No School

2/17: No School – School Improvement Day

2/26: Late Start

2/28: Report Cards go home

3/15: Grove Family Fun Day

3/19: 6 Flags Read to Succeed forms due

The students filled out their assignment notebooks for today AND tomorrow, in case there is a snow day, although I hope that is not the case!

Words Their Way: We began a new word list yesterday, so we are resuming our normal 2-week cycle and routine.

Reading: We are back on the blog this week! A discussion post and two comments are due on Friday. This week we began a Winter Olympics research project. Each student chose a letter of the alphabet and a word that begins with that letter that represents an element of the Olympics (luge, Olympic rings, downhill skiing, etc.).  Students are learning how to research for information, determine the importance of information, and use the information to craft a summary that describes their chosen word. The pages will be compiled into an “ABCS of the Winter Olympics” book that will go home for one night with each child to share with their family. Please take some time to talk with your child about what they are researching. Also, many students were asking if they can work on this project at home. They are welcome to, but not required to, continue their research at home.

Math: This week we are transitioning to a unit of study about decimals. We are also doing extra preparations for the upcoming ISAT test. Starting this week, students will work on a problem in class and then take home a similar problem to complete for homework. The problems require the use of a specific

Valentine’s Day: A note with details about the Valentine’s Day box that your child should make at home for our party, as well as a list of student names for valentines will be sent home tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Weekly Learning Objectives:


I can interpret the remainder of a division word problem.

I can identify the place value of digits to the right of the decimal.


I can identify the mood of a story and use text evidence to support my thinking.

I can identify the tone of a story and use text evidence to support my thinking.

I can determine importance while researching in order to find applicable information about my topic.


I can identify the theme and conflict of my realistic fiction writing piece.

I can develop a story map that summarizes the plot of my realistic fiction piece.

I can identify how the main character will change throughout my realistic fiction piece.

Social Studies:

I can describe the major events during the early history of the Northeast.


I can identify the parts of a volcano.

I can describe the process of how an earthquake forms.

I can compare and contrast the traits of volcanoes and earthquakes.

I can follow the procedures of the scientific method to conduct an experiment.

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Links for Olympics Project
Posted on Monday, February 03, 2014

The following links will help you with your Olympics project:





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